About Us

Shri Radha Krishna Mandir was officially established in 2005.  Since then

this organization has made progressive steps towards reaching our ultimate

goal, the building our own Mandir. We are now happy to say, through your continuous

generosity and support, we have finally attained our very own Mandir to conduct our services.

The Mandir serves as a place of worship and cultural center for the large Hindu community

of the Baltimore area, and will continue to serve the community for generations to come.


Shri Radha Krishna Mandir is a non-profit organization recognized under

Section 501 C(3) of the Internal revenue code.  All donations and contributions

are tax deductible, and will be receipted.  Your support is highly appreciated;

no contribution is too big or small. 

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Below are the executive and committee members for 2019-2021, who are

democratically elected biennially according to the by-laws of the organization.


Executive Members

Head Pandit Tulsienauth Tiwari


Dwarka Singh

Vice President

Geeta Esau


Rajin Jajistar

Assistant Treasurer Ravin Jajistar


Sunaina Singh

Assistant Secretary Daneshwar Saroopchand


Committee Members:

Hemchand Harry, Ashley Hewick, Steve Hewick, Urmila Jajistar,

Selina Janbahadur, Camille Kolodziey, Pearly Lal, Sesh Lal.




Email:  shrimandir@gmail.com

Pearly:   410-574-2637

Geeta:   410-818-8369

Camille: 410-814-1488

Urmila:  410-679-9207